Worst place To Sleep In Abuja! My Experience

worst place to sleep in abuja documentary

Days and times fly by so fast. Every day in our lives different things change, events come and go also unexpected expectations take place. If we think about our past experience it is not easy for us to remember every past day. There are some events that we cannot forget easily and it becomes an everlasting memory for us. We either get excited or depressed when we remind ourselves of the everlasting event of life it depends upon our experience. keep reading to find out the worst place to sleep in Abuja.

I hope nobody in this world has ever thought that any normal day would become an everlasting memory for them. This is such a moment in our lives that remains in our memories till we are alive. If it is a happy memory we want it to be continued throughout our lifetime. However if it’s a sad memory, we never want it to happen again in our life. In both cases the event becomes unforgettable for us. Whenever I’m faced with questions about explaining the worst place to sleep in Abuja, this is the experience that first comes to my mind.

I want to share with you this experience of mine I can’t really say if it was good or bad but from my experience you would be able to judge if its actually something that you too would like to experience. I feel chilled whenever I remember this incident. It was a normal day like normal days in routine life, I woke up early in the morning usually I do chores before having my bathe but this particular day I didn’t, I just had my shower, prepared and I was ready to go to work. Got to work, everything went in a smooth way as usual.  

Late evening I realized I had a birthday party to attend. Got up quickly dressed up booked a bolt then I left the house headed for the party. You know Abuja people with their usual Friday night jollification lol 😂. I got to the party drank, ate, danced, played some awesome games. I met beautiful people at about 11pm i started feeling drowsy. A place to lay my head was not even in my plan.

it never occurred to me that the worst place for me to sleep in Abuja was here (my experience). There was no space in the three rooms of the apartment where the party held, all rooms were filled with guest who came for the party. I checked the sitting room same issue I went into the kitchen to see if it’s something I could manage. But then, what do you expect from a kitchen used to prepare food in an apartment for meant for a party.

The only option I had was to sleep in the car of a random guy I met at the party. He was accommodating a nice, tall and handsome gentlemen thankfully he was awake and wanted to lay his head too. So we entered his car pulled the front seats backward and lied down both of us on each car seat. A lady also joined us she slept behind our seats. He opened the roof top of the car for ventilation and the mosquitoes in Nigeria with annoying rain in the country didn’t let us rest.

It is because of this day I never tried to stay out so late for party, I also try to lodge closer to any event I attend. Everything happened suddenly. Moreover, the mosquitos and rain ruined everything, for me, the car seat where hella not comfortable my whole body was aching .

Man is the most blessed form of the creation of God on this earth. We have been provided with the brain that has memorizing capacity. The experience that we remember becomes happy or sad experience for us. The experiences are always special whether is happy or sad because it makes us think about our past events of life.

It may happen that some of them would cherish us with a smile and. Some may bring tears to our eyes. The most important thing is that it connects us with our past events. People that had lived in our previous life experiences and thus these experiences are special for us

The worst place to sleep in Abuja is in a car judging from my experience. I cannot forget this my experience because it happened suddenly. This day I felt pains allover I felt very sleepy later I just went home and crashed on my bed for hours. Hey I guessed you read to the last part let me know your thoughts on my this article in the comment section about


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