They gave her the game” CeeC, Cross, and other housemates mock Big Brother as Ilebaye is announced winner of Big Brother Naija All Stars (video)

A viral video circulating online captured the intense and climactic moment during the grand finale of the highly anticipated Big Brother Naija All Stars show. The atmosphere was charged with excitement and nervous energy as the four remaining housemates, CeeC, Cross, Pere, and Adekunle, gathered around a TV screen, their eyes fixed on host Ebuka as he prepared to unveil the winner.

The room buzzed with anticipation, each finalist holding their breath, their hearts pounding in their chests. The anticipation was palpable as they anxiously awaited the name that would define their journey and time spent within the Big Brother house. The air was thick with suspense, and every second felt like an eternity.

When Ebuka dramatically announced Ilebaye as the winner, the room erupted into a whirlwind of emotions. CeeC, known for her strong personality, displayed a mixture of surprise and disappointment. She turned away momentarily, seemingly processing the news, before redirecting her gaze back at the screen, attempting to conceal her emotions.

Cross, on the other hand, had a visible reaction of disbelief. He briefly averted his eyes from the screen, as if to process the unexpected announcement. The news seemed to catch him off guard, but he quickly recomposed himself and turned back to watch, the wheels in his mind undoubtedly spinning with thoughts of what this meant for the game.

Pere, the epitome of composure, remained rooted to the spot, absorbing the revelation with a stoic expression. He carefully masked any immediate reaction, giving away little of what was going on inside his mind. His eyes, however, betrayed a hint of surprise and perhaps a tinge of disappointment.

In the midst of the emotional swirl, a distinct female voice could be heard from the room, expressing a belief that the game had been favorably tilted towards the announced winner. It was a moment of reflection and processing for the finalists, as they contemplated the outcome and what it meant for their own journey within the Big Brother Naija All Stars show.

This video captured not just the climax of the show but also the raw, unfiltered human reactions that revealed the finalists’ genuine emotions during this pivotal moment in their Big Brother Naija experience.