This 39-year-old makes $160,000 a month in passive income: ‘3 businesses you can start today for $0’

In 2009, during a recession, the author of this article was laid off from their full-time job. With limited job prospects, they turned to freelance work and started a music blog side hustle. Today, they work only five hours a week and generate about $160,000 a month running their blog and business coaching company. They find it gratifying to teach people how to use simple online tools and turn their skills into profitable side hustles.

In this article, the author shares three types of businesses you can start today without any investment.

Consulting Business
Do your friends often ask for your help in a specific area? It could be something as simple as fixing a motorcycle or teaching English pronunciation to native Japanese speakers. Use your existing network to reach out to potential clients by offering one-on-one coaching sessions for people who are struggling with certain concerns and want to achieve specific outcomes. Schedule phone or video calls with clients to discuss their pain points and coach them on how to move forward. Over time, you can develop a curriculum based on the problems you see most often. Grow your customer base by asking clients for referrals and posting customer testimonies on social media and your website.

Professional Service
There are many websites where you can promote your professional services, such as graphic design or video editing. Platforms like Fiverr and UpWork allow you to create a profile, list your services, and get discovered. To stand out, be specific in what you can offer. For example, a long-form YouTube essay video editor might have less competition than a general video editor. Write a customized proposal for each job posting and explain how your skills and experiences can help solve their problems. Ask questions about the project at the end of your proposal to show that you’re already thinking ahead and give the other person a clear reason to follow up. Don’t forget to email former clients, employers, and friends about your services and offer them a friends and family discount.

Creator Business
As a creator, there are four main ways to make money: advertisement revenue, affiliate post revenue, sponsored posts and brand deals, and selling digital materials to your audience. Create content about a niche topic you know a lot about and post it on accounts you already have to leverage your existing network. Don’t worry about getting everything perfect