Tonto Dikeh Blast Pastor Tunde Bakare for Comments on Late Mohbad

Actress Tonto Dikeh strongly confronted Pastor Tunde Bakare for his recent comments about the late singer Mohbad during a sermon on Sunday, September 24. The pastor implied that the 27-year-old singer, who passed away on September 12, had associations with nefarious individuals while he was alive.

In response to Pastor Bakare’s comments, Tonto Dikeh urged the clergyman to focus on preaching the gospel and refrain from mentioning Mohbad’s name in his messages. Expressing her disapproval, Tonto conveyed her sentiments, addressing Pastor Tunde Bakare directly.

“Dear Pastor Tunde Bakare,

When certain members of your clergy are embroiled in scandals involving immoral activities, your voice remains unheard, and your sermons untouched by these matters. However, when a young man, barely older than your last born, tragically passes away, you swiftly attribute his demise to supposed actions.

What actions are you referring to? I implore you to maintain the same level of concern and commentary for your fellow colleagues who have been implicated in moral transgressions.

It is only the grace of God upon your life that keeps me from strongly addressing this misguided statement of yours. Throughout my years, I have learned that when one has nothing constructive to contribute, silence is a virtuous option.

Let your preaching be about the gospel, and let Mohbad’s name find no place in your ministry. I value wisdom exhibited at any age more than mere old age.