Tonto Dikeh Shops For Casket For Mohbad’s Burial, Gets It For Free (VIDEO)

Renowned Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, found herself taken aback one afternoon as she endeavored to procure a high-quality casket for the late singer Mohbad at Ebony Funeral Homes. The solemn task was an unexpected and emotional one for her, reflective of the sorrow and empathy felt by many due to Mohbad’s passing.

In a touching video shared by Samklef, Tonto Dikeh was captured carefully examining the casket, fully prepared to cover the costs as a final gesture of goodwill and respect. However, to her surprise, a compassionate staff member from Ebony Funeral Homes informed her that the CEO had graciously decided that she would not need to bear the financial burden of this gesture of kindness.

The overwhelmed actress couldn’t contain her astonishment and gratitude at this heartfelt and compassionate act. It’s a testament to the unity and shared grief within the community, especially in the wake of Mohbad’s tragic demise.

The public response to Mohbad’s passing has been immense, spreading like wildfire across the internet and touching the hearts of countless individuals. Notably, numerous celebrities have actively joined in expressing their condolences and support during this trying time. Ebony Funeral Homes’ involvement, extending their sympathy and assistance, is a poignant addition to this outpouring of collective sorrow and solidarity. Their gesture embodies the spirit of coming together to offer solace and support to those affected by loss.