top 5 cryptos to invest & hold in 2023

This is your year of making it bigger in the crypto space. I hope you take the chances now and thank me later.

1. Bitcoin

By now you should have a good idea of what bitcoin is and now more than ever the use case of bitcoin is so relevant this is because bitcoin was initially created to be an electronic peer to peer cash system. But it turned out that it already attracted many investors as a store of value currency. In the past, three to five years we have seen money getting printed by the feds at an unbelievablle amount. Just a few years back for the year 2021 it was actually 12 trillion dollarsthat was printed out of thin air and in the last two years the U.S federal reserve has now printed 80% of all U.S dollars in existence. Since then, we have seen the effect of all the debts that is now circulating through out the country. It is even resulting in some of the worst inflation that we are still going through now. Guys even this year we are going through which i never would have expected call the great egg crisis where even eggs now cost over 60% since last december. The next bitcoin halving is set for march 24 2024 and when this happens it might be too late to buy at the price that it is now

2. Ethereum

Now the second cryptocurrency on my list is going to be ethereum. Ethereum is currently the second largest cryptocurrency in the world by total market cap only followed after bitcoin. Ethereum is on track to diminshing its carbon footprint on the world making it about 99.9% energy efficient. which is one of the key arguments that many people have against crypto on top of that is also in the process of lowering the higher gas fee costs and lastly it is also working towards becoming quicker and more efficient at processing transactions. With these new upgrades come increased earning potential for ethereum owners as a new version promises more passive income under a system that prioritizes stakers over miners. Ethereum also maintained its position as one of the top all coins due to its unmatched utility of the network. It should also be metiomed that there is a collection of prominent crypto out there that are characterised as etherum killers because they aim to do every thing etherum does, But, better while its still debatable whether or not some of these projects do even come close to what etherum provides you have to realise that the keyword here is aim.

3. Ripples xrp

0Xrp is going to be the native cryptocurrency of the ripple payment protocol which is a real time gross settlement system currency exchnge and remittance network. Now this was first proposed back in 2012 by a company named ripple labs and the token is best known for its ability to facilitate fast and low cost across border transactions. What makes this network so unique is the used cases of the xrp ledger which is an open source permissionless and decentralized technology that haqs a crazy low transaction fee $0.0002/tx per transaction. Combine that with their high speed processing of about three to five seconds per transaction and its carbon neutral energy efficient scalabilty measures of about 1500 transaction per second. XRP is still a rather strong contender this is because apart from the technology ripple is also known for having a very strong passionate community that stands proudly behind the project. Keep in mind too that xrp is still considered a risky investment because of the current lawsuit and because of the nature of it being a crptocurrency and if they loose the battle we dont know how lower it could sink. Make the trade that suits your own finacial plan


Avalance also know as avax is going to be a layer one blockchain that functions as a platform for decentralized applications and custom of block chain networks it is by far one of the most popular and favorite ethereum killer something we talked about earlier in this video where its directly competing with several other competitors to try and overtake ethereum as the number one altcoin. It has a unique solution to what we call the blockchain trilemma pretty perfect much the blockchain is going to have three main pillars security decentralization and scalability. Now the issue with the trilema is finding a blance between the three that is because oftentimes a project will be really good at two things. Like if they are good at scalability, decentralization they are often held back by security so crypto project can either choose to focus on two out of the three or find a solution to tackle the entire trilema. Now what makes avalance unique is that they want to lead and decided to tackle all three their proposed solutiom to this is to create different blockchains which is called x-chain

5. Atom

The fifth and final crypto on my list ladies and gents this is gonna be boom boom sosmos also know as adam so adam is going to be the native utility and governance token of the cosmos hub. Avax has a unique and innovative blockchain that focuses on solving some of the most challenging issues within the crypto industry such as slow speeds, high costs, scalability, setbacks, inefficiencies and even fragramentation. Apart from this, avax also aims towards making blockchain technology less complex and difficult for decentralized application engineers and developers through something called the tender mint engine. The software it uses focuses on modularity and it essentially allows a network to be easily built using chumks of code that already exists the end goal for the long term is that complex application will be straightforward to construct because of how the blockchain infrastructure was created. Avax has the potential to become an important infrastructure layer within the overall crypto industry to help facilitate the exchange of value and information between several different blockchains. i believe crypto currencies will learn to exist more naturally.

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