Transgenderism is a mental illness- American Author and activist, Candace Owens says

American author and political commentator Candice Owens has sparked controversy with her recent comments on transgenderism. In the wake of the tragic mass shooting at Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, Owens took to Twitter to express her views on the issue.

Describing transgenderism as a “mental illness,” Owens advised parents to keep their children away from transgender individuals and their parents. She went on to call those who support and encourage transgenderism “monsters” who should also be kept away from children.

The shooting at Covenant School, which resulted in the deaths of three children and three adults, was carried out by Audrey Hale, a transgender individual who identified as male. Hale, 28, was armed with two assault-type weapons and a handgun and was confronted by police at the scene.

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Owens’ comments have drawn widespread criticism from those who argue that transgender individuals should be treated with respect and dignity, and that their rights should be protected. Many have pointed out that transgender individuals are not inherently violent, and that the actions of one individual should not be used to demonize an entire community.

However, Owens is no stranger to controversy, and her comments on this issue are consistent with her conservative views on gender and sexuality. As a talk show host and political commentator, she has frequently spoken out against what she sees as the “left-wing agenda” on issues such as gender identity and sexual orientation.

Despite the backlash, Owens has remained unapologetic, and her comments have reignited the debate around transgender rights and the role of gender in society. As the conversation continues, it remains to be seen what impact Owens’ controversial statements will have on public opinion and policy around this important issue.