Two married men allegedly gang-r@pe 11-year-old girl in Abia

An 11-year-old girl was allegedly gang r3ped by two married men in Ndiolumbe Nvosi village in Abia State’s Isiala Ngwa South Local Government Area.

The girl was sent on an errand by her widowed mother on Sunday, August 20, 2023, when the tragedy took place.

One of the suspects, identified only as Ezigbo, has been detained, according to Ochiegbu Marvelous, the Abia State coordinator of Behind Bars Human Rights Defenders, who confirmed the occurrence on Tuesday, August 22.

He further disclosed that some people urge the victim’s mother to’settle’ the case without going to trial.

“We are a group of attorneys and human rights advocates who despise injustice. When I heard these complaints from a destitute widow in Nvosi Isiala Ngwa, I felt horrible. “Nwam biko, come and help me, ooo,” she cried. They have been talking about settling after they sexually assaulted my 11-year-old girl, Mr. Ochiegbu.

“We are advocating for the young girl totally. Any type of settlement is not accepted by us. If this young child were your daughter, what would you do if someone had done this to her? What steps will you take? They did not speak!

“The matter is currently being submitted to Area Command Isialangwa Police station. However, I find it uncomfortable to see a male Police Constable (IPO) handling a case of child defilement; I believe a female officer would be better suited to handle such a case. As soon as the police have finished their investigation, they will be charged in court.

The victim described her trauma, claiming that one of the accused, Ezigbo, had been bugging her.

On Sunday night, my mother gave me an errand to run. I ran into Ezigbo on the way and he invited me to come. I told him to go away and that I didn’t care about anything he had to say, she claimed.

“I wanted to pass the same road after delivering the message, but I changed my mind because he might catch me. I chose to travel along a backyard road. I was about to pass a school when Ezigbo suddenly materialized. “I finally caught you,” he said.

“He pursued me as I fled. Dee Sunday’s home was where I sought safety, but the man wasn’t there. I stayed in the house for some time. Ezigbo and the other man, who is also from my community, caught me when I came out of the home, contrary to what I had initially believed.

“Ezigbo covered my mouth, preventing me from yelling for aid. He and the other men pulled me to a location where they raped me and tore up my clothing and pants.