Update: The Lagos State government has closed down Chrisland School following the passing of one of its pupils, Whitney Adeniran.

The Lagos State Ministry of Education has taken swift action following the tragic death of 12-year-old Whitney Adeyemi, a pupil at Chrisland School in Opebi-Ikeja. In response to this heart-wrenching incident, the state government has ordered the temporary closure of the school pending a full and comprehensive investigation.

The Commissioner for Education, Mrs. Folasade Adefisayo, stated in a released statement that the safety and well-being of students is of utmost importance and that the government will do everything in its power to ensure that all schools within the state are safe and secure environments for children to learn and grow.

The exact circumstances surrounding Whitney Adeyemi’s death are still unknown, but the state government is committed to getting to the bottom of the matter and finding out exactly what happened. In the meantime, the closure of Chrisland School will provide the necessary time for the investigation to be carried out thoroughly and thoroughly.

In addition, the government is also providing support and counseling to the affected families and students during this difficult time. The Ministry of Education has made it clear that they will be working closely with the school, parents, and other relevant parties to ensure that the students are able to return to a safe and secure learning environment as soon as possible.

The death of Whitney Adeyemi is a tragedy that has touched the hearts of the entire community. The state government is committed to ensuring that justice is served and that steps are taken to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. The temporary closure of Chrisland School is just one of the many steps being taken to achieve this goal.