Use cassava for commodification of Naira – Nigerian journalist mock Tinubu during meeting

In a widely circulated and attention-grabbing video, a Nigerian journalist named Ayodeji Bakare was captured sharing a rather unconventional yet intriguing piece of advice with President Bola Tinubu as the esteemed leader was departing from a meeting.

With a confident demeanor, Ayodeji Bakare urged President Bola Tinubu to consider an innovative approach in the commodification of the Naira, the national currency. His unusual suggestion was to “use cassava” in this economic venture, an idea that certainly piqued curiosity and stirred conversation.

Bakare went on to emphasize that this unique proposal should be incorporated into the country’s monetary policy, underlining its potential to revolutionize and diversify the economic landscape. The exact reasoning or methodology behind this suggestion was not fully expounded in the video, leaving viewers and the wider public intrigued about the intricacies of such an unconventional monetary proposition.

The video has since sparked discussions, reflections, and even some humorous interpretations within the Nigerian society, with people sharing a range of opinions on the viability and creativity of Bakare’s unconventional proposal. It stands as a testament to the diversity and ingenuity present within the Nigerian populace, reflecting the ongoing dialogue and exploration of novel solutions to economic challenges.