vegetable soup recipe

This vegetable soup recipe, i tried making it with locust beans for the first time. And guess what? my loved ones where all crazy about it however, its so delicious. Many people said preparing vegetable soup is difficult but, i don’t think so. it is because of the cutting of different vegetables that makes it hard and also takes time.

most sellers of vegetables have made this step easier by deciding to slice it for us immediately after purchase. For instance, you can find them at your local market so you don’t have to go through the stress of slicing vegetables.

why is it called vegetable soup

In this paragraph, i will share my own opinion on why it is called vegetable soup. I think it is called vegetable soup because of the many vegetables used in preparation. With this small description therefore, lets get straight into the recipe of this vegetable soup properly.

Ingredients for vegetable soup

  • Water leaf
  • ugu leaf
  • green leaf
  • Fish
  • locust beans
  • pepper
  • onion
  • red oil
  • maggi
  • salt

How to prepare vegetable soup using locust beans.

  • Wash your fresh fish, put in a clean pot. spice it up with maggi, onion and salt add little water into it. cover pot and place on heat allow it to boil small ten bring it down from heat and keep aside.
  • wash and slice water leaf properly, put in a dry pot cover it place on heat and let it boil. water leaf brings out water so put it in a pot, leave it and let the water it brings out dry up. wash and slice the ugu leaf and green leaf, keep aside.
  • Thirdly, place a dry pot on heat pour in the red oil, add salt, also add in the diced onion and stir. wash and pour in the locust beans, please if you don’t like the smell of locust beans you can leave it out But, i assure you that it tastes very nice in vegetable soup.
  • Fourthly, pour in the boiled water leaf and fry it in the oil mixed with other ingredients, fry it properly. Next add in the fish stock and allow it to boil for some minutes. Open pot and add in the ugu leaf and green leaf stir it properly while on heat also add in your pepper.
  • Lastly taste your soup and if all ingredients and taste is okay then, take down your vegetable soup from heat. Start serving with fufu or garri or eba.


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