video : A nurse who struck her former partner with her vehicle has been granted a non-custodial sentence, avoiding jail time for her actions.

A recent incident in a club car park has led to a suspended prison sentence for a nurse who ran over her ex-boyfriend. Rebecca Thomas, a 37-year-old resident of Swansea, South Wales, was out drinking with her former partner, David Robinson, 45, when things took a turn for the worse. According to the prosecution’s account, Thomas grabbed and punched Robinson inside her car, after which she lost control and rammed into him with her vehicle.

CCTV footage from the scene showed Robinson attempting to leave the area when Thomas drove her car into him from behind, causing him to flip over the bonnet and fall to the ground. Passers-by only came to his aid four and a half minutes later. Robinson suffered injuries to his neck and arm, as well as a black eye and bruises, but was discharged from the hospital without serious harm. The incident occurred at the Birchgrove Rugby Club in Swansea in September 2022, four months after the couple had broken up.

Both parties were heavily intoxicated at the time and could not recall much of what had happened. Robinson, however, claimed that Thomas was particularly drunk on that day, which may have contributed to the altercation. During the hearing at Swansea Crown Court, Thomas pleaded guilty to battery, assault causing actual bodily harm, and dangerous driving.

The judge, Geraint Walters, recognized the severity of the crime and acknowledged that it was a result of alcohol consumption, stating that the incident would not have happened if the pair had not been under the influence. He further pointed out that Thomas’ behaviour was unacceptable and that it was fortunate that Robinson had not suffered severe injuries.

Despite the gravity of the offence, Thomas was spared a prison sentence and instead received a suspended six-month sentence, which will be in effect for two years. She must also complete 30 hours of rehabilitation, in addition to being banned from driving for one year and taking an extended driving test. This punishment will serve as a reminder that driving under the influence, let alone committing assault with a vehicle, is a serious offence that can have severe consequences.