VIDEO : Actress Alison Brie surprises her husband by running n3ked down a hotel hallway before the release of their newest film.

Prior to the opening of their newest film, actress Alison Brie chose to visit her husband Dave Franco’s hotel room bare-chested. The video of her visit has now gone viral.

The Amazon rom-com Somebody I Used to Know, which Franco directed and featured Brie in the lead, was co-written by Brie and Franco.

Before the film’s debut, Brie replicated the nudist scene that is depicted on the movie poster at the hotel where she and her husband are staying.Before arriving at their hotel door and knocking for her husband to open, Brie was observed rushing through the hallways sans clothes on the night of the premiere.

Franco chuckles and instructs his wife to leave the hallway as soon as he opens the door after mistaking her for being in the shower.

Franco can be seen glancing back at the others in the room that are present to see this moment.

The video which was filmed by Brie?s makeup artist Clarissa Anya Rubenstein was uploaded on Instagram.

Brie’s caption was:?

What should you do if your husband is worried about the debut of his new movie?

Observe the video.