VIDEO: Digital burial,family of a deceased has reportedly made POS for transactions at the Funeral

The family of a deceased individual has reportedly made the decision to provide a point of sale (POS) machine for transactions at the funeral, as they will not accept old banknotes from sympathizers.

According to reports, the family has requested that anyone wishing to make a donation at the funeral must do so electronically using the provided POS machine. The reason for this decision is said to be due to the family’s refusal to accept old banknotes, which they consider to be no longer acceptable as legal tender.

This decision has raised some eyebrows among mourners, as cash is traditionally given as a gesture of sympathy at funerals. However, the family has reportedly stated that they are only interested in receiving donations that can be immediately credited to the deceased’s account without any hassle.

This move highlights the growing trend towards digital transactions in many aspects of life, including traditional ceremonies such as funerals.