VIDEO : Ifunanya Excel Grant Responds to NBA After Petition Over Social Media Lifestyle

Ifunanya Excel Grant, a young Nigerian woman, has issued a response to the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) following a recent petition filed against her with the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee. The petition, submitted by the NBA, was predicated on Ifunanya’s perceived “social media notoriety” involving her alleged practice of posting explicit photos and videos as well as purportedly engaging in marijuana consumption.

In an effort to clarify her position, Ifunanya has taken to her Facebook page to address the situation. She revealed that while she studied law, she has not pursued a career as a lawyer and is uncertain about the timing of any potential practice in that field. Instead, she has ventured into the domains of acting, modeling, and aspiring music.

In her statement, Ifunanya vehemently denied the authenticity of certain controversial content purportedly attributed to her on Twitter. She unequivocally stated that she has never been a user of the micro-blogging site and therefore cannot be associated with any content shared on it.

The silence she maintained until now was out of her inclination not to indulge in unnecessary discourse, but she felt compelled to set the record straight. Addressing the Nigerian Bar Association directly, she expressed her lifestyle of pursuing her aspirations, minding her own business, and living her life without infringing on anyone else. She urged the NBA to respect her space and privacy, as she is dedicated to her chosen path of modeling, acting, and music.

By speaking out, Ifunanya seeks to rectify the misconceptions surrounding her identity and online presence, putting an end to any false assumptions. This incident serves as a reminder of the complexity of online perceptions, the importance of clarifying one’s stance, and the significance of respecting individuals’ chosen paths and endeavors.