(video) Nak3d woman gets out of car, then opens fire on busy Bridge during rush hour

Police in California, USA, said a drunk woman stepped out of her car and started shooting a gun on one of the country’s busiest bridges.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the strange incident took place on Tuesday, July 25, during rush hour on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

According to police, the woman then pulled over in the middle of the road, exited her vehicle brandishing a knife, and yelled at other motorists.

She then got back in the car and drove on to Oakland, but she stopped once more at a toll booth and got out with a gun this time and no clothes on, according to police, who spoke to The Washington Post.The unidentified naked woman then turned around and started firing haphazardly at the parked automobiles behind her, according to authorities.

Before police arrived and persuaded her to put her weapon down and take her into custody without incident, she was seen on surveillance video walking down the shoulder and firing into the air.Fortunately, there were no injuries recorded, and as of press time, it was still unknown why the suspect did it.She was placed in a local hospital’s mental health hold and will be arrested on unspecified charges after that.

Watch the video below

Gun culture in America reached a new level in Oakland, California this week when a reckless driving incident on the Bay Bridge took a slightly chaotic turn. Thankfully no injuries reported and no vehicles struck by gunfire but extraordinary footage caught on film.
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