VIDEO ” Nigerians In Niger Cry Out — We Support Niger; We Don’t Want Attack On Niger

Nigerians living in Niger Republic have expressed their concerns and stance regarding the ongoing situation between Nigeria and Niger Republic. They have come forward to state that they fully support their home country, Nigeria, and do not want any form of attack or invasion on Niger Republic.

The Nigerians living in Niger Republic are aware of the tension and the potential for military action being considered by the Nigerian-led ECOWAS Army under the pretext of safeguarding democracy in Niger Republic. However, they firmly oppose any act of aggression against Niger Republic, as they believe that it will have severe consequences, especially for the people of northern Nigeria, who share close cultural and ethnic ties with their kinsmen in Niger.

The Nigerians in Niger Republic also understand the challenges faced by Nigeria, such as insecurity, corruption, bad governance, and poverty, and believe that the focus should be on addressing these internal issues rather than getting involved in foreign conflicts.

Their call for peace and a diplomatic approach aligns with their desire to avoid any escalation of tensions and to prevent further suffering and displacement in the region. They emphasize the importance of finding peaceful and constructive solutions to the current situation and hope for good governance, reduced corruption, and respect for institutions among all member nations of ECOWAS.

the Nigerians living in Niger Republic stand united in their support for their home country, Nigeria, and advocate for a peaceful resolution to the situation in Niger Republic. They urge leaders and stakeholders to prioritize diplomacy and dialogue to avoid any potential conflict that could have devastating consequences for both countries and the entire subregion.