(Video) Ukrainian sisters face 5 years in prison after they were arrested for twerking on the graves of fallen soldiers on Independence Day

Two Ukrainian women are facing the possibility of a five-year prison sentence after being charged with the grave offense of desecrating a cemetery. The incident that led to these charges involved the unidentified sisters, who filmed themselves dancing and twerking on the graves of fallen soldiers in a Kyiv cemetery on Ukraine’s Independence Day.

The viral video, which caused outrage and shock, depicted the women wearing crop tops and booty shorts as they set up a camera in the Forest Cemetery. This cemetery held the resting places of fallen soldiers who had bravely defended Ukraine against Russia’s invasion. In the background of the video, images of the deceased fighters and the Ukrainian flag were clearly visible.

According to reports, the sisters claimed to be visiting the grave of their father, who had tragically lost his life while defending Ukraine near Izium. It was during this solemn visit that they chose to engage in the highly disrespectful and offensive act of dancing and twerking on the graves of these fallen heroes.

The Kyiv police swiftly responded to the public outcry over the video. Less than an hour after the viral clip came to their attention, the authorities apprehended the two sisters. They now face serious legal consequences for their actions, which are considered a blatant desecration of the graves and a grave offense against the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for their nation.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for respect and reverence in sacred places like cemeteries, especially those dedicated to fallen soldiers. The legal proceedings against the sisters highlight the gravity of their actions and the importance of upholding the dignity of the deceased and the sanctity of such hallowed grounds.