VIDEO: Unknown perpetrators in Pakistan dug up and r3ped the corpse of a teenage girl. 17 suspects are being interrogated, and an investigation is ongoing.

A mentally and physically handicapped teenage girl passed away in Chak Kamala village, Gujrat, Pakistan. As per their religious traditions, the family buried her in a graveyard around 6 pm that evening and returned home. However, the next day, when they returned to the graveyard to perform some rituals over the girl’s dead body, they discovered that her grave had been dug up and her body was missing. After a search, they found the corpse of the girl lying around 200 square feet away from the graveyard, showing signs of r3pe. The family immediately contacted the police to report the incident, and an FIR was filed.

According to reports, the incident came to light when the girl’s relatives visited the graveyard the next morning and found her body dug up and lying uncovered. The family filed a complaint with the police, who have started investigating the case. Currently, 17 suspects are being interrogated, and the investigation is being done using scientific methods. Attaullah Tarar, the deputy secretary-general of the Pakistan Muslim League (PMLN), informed the public via Twitter about the progress of the investigation.

The desecration of burial sites and sexual assault on corpses is not new in Pakistan. In 2011, a gravekeeper named Muhammad Rizwan from North Nazimabad, Karachi, was arrested for necrophilia. He confessed to r3ping 48 female corpses and was caught running away after desecrating a corpse. Rizwan had caught the attention of nearby grave diggers and some other people. In 2019, OpIndia reported on a similar crime where a group of unidentified men dug up the grave of a woman in a graveyard in Karachi’s Landhi Town area and r3ped the dead body.

The family of the deceased teenage girl demands justice and the perpetrators of the heinous crime to be brought to justice as soon as possible. The local community is also speaking out against the horrific act, with many people taking to social media to express their outrage and demand justice for the victim. The incident has sparked widespread condemnation, with people calling for better protection of graves and stricter punishment for such inhumane acts.