VIDEO : Yung Miami explains why she doesn’t want to get married

Yung Miami, one half of the popular rap duo City Girls, recently went live on Instagram to discuss her personal life and career. During the live stream, Yung Miami shared her thoughts on marriage and her decision to remain single.

Yung Miami’s personal life has been in the spotlight after her public breakup with music mogul Diddy last year. The breakup was rumored to have been caused by the news of Diddy’s daughter’s birth, and it resulted in Yung Miami unfollowing Diddy on Instagram and removing all images of the two of them together from her account.

When asked about her decision to remain single, Yung Miami stated that she believes marriage is a significant commitment that should last a lifetime. She is unsure if she could handle a partner who cheats and admits that she takes everything personally. Yung Miami stated, “I don’t want to get married cos I feel like men are not faithful.” She went on to say that if her husband were to cheat on her, she would find it difficult to forgive him and would not forget what he had done.

In a previous interview, Yung Miami hinted that she never wanted to get married and did not see herself as a wife. She believes that being single allows her to focus on her music and career without any distractions or complications. Yung Miami’s decision to remain single has not affected her work with City Girls, as the duo has continued to produce hit songs and perform at various events.

During the live stream, Yung Miami also revealed that City Girls would be performing soon. The duo recently performed at Rolling Loud and teased their upcoming song, “Pinata.” Fans of the rap duo are eagerly anticipating their new music, and Yung Miami’s decision to remain single has not diminished her popularity among fans.