VIDEO : Zodwa Libram Wabantu Sparks Controversy by Publicly Dipping Hand in Her Genitalia and Smelling It

South African dancer and performer, Zodwa Libram Wabantu, has found herself at the center of controversy yet again after a video surfaced of her publicly dipping her hand in her genitalia and smelling it. The incident occurred in a public setting, where Zodwa was sitting and chatting with a group of people.

In the video, which has since gone viral on social media, Zodwa can be seen lifting her leg and reaching towards her private parts. She then proceeds to dip her fingers inside and retrieves them, bringing them up to her nose to take a sniff.

The explicit act has sparked outrage among many social media users, with some describing it as “disgusting” and “shameful.” Others have defended Zodwa, arguing that she is known for her controversial and unapologetic behavior, and that people should not judge her for it.

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This is not the first time Zodwa has made headlines for her risqué behavior. She is known for performing without underwear, which has earned her the nickname “pantless dancer.” In 2019, she was banned from performing in Zambia due to concerns about her behavior and attire.

As of yet, Zodwa has not publicly commented on the recent incident, but it is clear that it has caused a stir among her fans and detractors alike.