(Videos) 17 year old ‘Miracle girl’ rescued alive from rubble 10 days after Turkey earthquake

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake on February 6 ripped through Turkey and neighboring Syria, leaving more than 42,000 people dead. The devastating quake brought destruction and suffering, but amidst the tragedy, a miraculous story emerged. A 17-year-old girl, now known as the “miracle girl,” was pulled alive from the rubble 10 days after the earthquake.

Efforts to save survivors have been hampered by a cold winter spell across the earthquake-hit regions, and the authorities have been grappling with the logistical challenges of transporting aid into northwestern Syria. Despite these challenges, rescue workers continued their tireless efforts to save lives, and their efforts paid off with the rescue of Aleyna Ölmez.

Turkey’s state news channel TRT Haber reported that their crew visited Aleyna in her hospital room after the rescue operation and spoke with her, her doctors, and family members. Aleyna’s eyes were seen open, her body covered up to her neck, and tubes inserted for oxygen supplements. Her doctor, Prof. Dilber, was very surprised by Aleyna’s good health condition, saying, “She couldn’t eat anything and drank nothing the whole time (when she was under the rubble), but she was still in good condition.”

Speaking from her hospital bed, Aleyna’s aunt and grandmother sat next to her bedside, touching her face and kissing her hands. When the journalist reached out to Aleyna with a microphone asking how she was doing, Aleyna shook her head and smiled.

The moment Aleyna was brought into the hospital, she was conscious and talking to the doctors. “We have made the necessary interventions. Body imaging was done, and blood tests were taken. She was in a very good condition,” Dr. Dilber told TRT Haber.

Aleyna’s survival is truly a miracle, and it gives hope to the thousands of people affected by the earthquake. The UN Secretary-General António Guterres announced an appeal for $1 billion in aid towards earthquake relief efforts in Turkey over the course of three months. This came two days after the UN launched a flash appeal for $397 million in earthquake aid for Syria. It is heartening to see the world come together in the face of such a tragedy, and we can only hope that more survivors will be found in the coming days.