WATCH ALIEN VIDEO: Terrified villagers in Peru fear they’re under attack from ‘floating 7ft aliens’

Villagers in Peru are making a desperate plea to the military for help, claiming they are being attacked by 7-foot-tall aliens on a nightly basis. The Ikitu indigenous people have reported encountering mysterious armored figures resembling the Green Goblin from Spider-Man. These extraterrestrial beings are described as having large heads and yellowish eyes.

According to the villagers, a 15-year-old girl was grabbed from behind and had her neck cut when she resisted one of these alleged attacks. Community leader Jairo Reátegui Ávila stated that the beings appear to be immune to their hunting weapons. He recounted an incident where he shot at one of the creatures twice, but the being was unharmed and vanished.

The villagers believe that only the Peruvian military has the capacity to save them from these supposed alien attacks. However, reaching the community from Iquitos City requires a challenging 10-hour river trip, making assistance from the military difficult to mobilize promptly.

The aliens are described as using round-shaped shoes that allow them to hover approximately one meter from the ground. These shoes reportedly emit a red light from the heel. The beings are said to have elongated heads, wear masks, and possess yellowish eyes. Their evasive skills have contributed to villagers’ concerns and fears.

The alleged attacks began on July 11 and have occurred nearly every night since. The local police visited the area where the reported attack on the teenager took place. However, it remains unclear whether any evidence was found to substantiate the villagers’ claims of extraterrestrial activity.

The villagers’ accounts have sparked curiosity and speculation, with the situation highlighting the intersection of folklore, fear, and the unknown. The community’s plea for assistance reveals the sense of vulnerability they feel in the face of unexplained phenomena and their belief that only the intervention of a higher authority can provide relief from their perceived threat.