WATCH VIDEO : Barack Obama’s Daughter, Sasha Smoking Marijuana In Public goes viral

Social media has been abuzz with diverse reactions to recent pictures of Sasha Obama, the daughter of former U.S. President Barack Obama, openly smoking in public in Los Angeles. In the images, the 22-year-old was seen smoking a cigarette while wearing a dress that exposed her belly.

These pictures have triggered a range of responses from social media users. Some have criticized Sasha for her actions, while others argue that she is an adult and should be free to live her life as she chooses.

Critics of the photos have expressed their disapproval. For instance, one user on Twitter, @officialmrdeen, questioned her choice of attire, asking, “How can you wear this in public?” Another user, @boitzar, took a more direct stance, stating, “Obama failed as a father.”

@desert_lion went further by making a critical comment about Sasha’s behavior, writing, “Barack Obama’s daughter, Sasha Obama was seen immorally dressed, smoking weed and gallivanting like a psychiatric patient on the streets of Los Angeles, California. Instead of bombing children in Libya, Obama would have focused on being a responsible father.”

However, there were those who defended Sasha’s actions and privacy. @irunia_, a Nigerian social media influencer, commented, “Her father stopped being president long ago, so what is all this? Let her rest, please. She’s a human like all of us.”

Similarly, @jinakubwa001 expressed the view that Sasha is a grown woman and should be allowed to make her own choices, saying, “She is a grown woman; let her be!”