WATCH VIDEO : Blac Chyna Removes ‘Demonic’ Hip Tattoo & Facial Fillers After Turning to Religion

Blac Chyna, the popular reality star and model, has recently made headlines for undergoing a transformational journey that has seen her embrace a new identity and a fresh perspective on life. As part of this journey, Blac Chyna has made several changes to her physical appearance, including removing a ‘demonic’ tattoo from her hip and dissolving her facial fillers and implants.

Blac Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, rose to fame as a stripper and later as a reality star, thanks to her relationships with rappers Tyga and Rob Kardashian. Over the years, she has built a massive following on social media, with over 21.8 million followers on Instagram alone.

However, in recent months, Blac Chyna has expressed a desire to move away from her former image and embrace a more spiritual and authentic version of herself. This has included a renewed commitment to her Christian faith and a decision to go back to using her birth name instead of her stage name.

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One of the most significant changes Blac Chyna has made is to remove a tattoo of the Baphomet from her hip. The Baphomet is a symbol often associated with Satanism and the occult, and Blac Chyna explained in a social media post that she was removing it to release negative energy and distance herself from her former self. She also had two smaller tattoos removed that were dedicated to her ex-partners YBN Almighty Jay and Tyga.

Blac Chyna’s decision to remove her facial fillers and implants has also garnered a lot of attention. In an interview with Daily Mail, she explained that she wanted to return to a more natural look and had been dissatisfied with her appearance for a while. She also stated that she had quit her OnlyFans career because she felt it was degrading and not in line with her values.

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Blac Chyna’s transformational journey has been met with mixed reactions from her fans and critics alike. While some have praised her for embracing a more authentic version of herself and making positive changes in her life, others have accused her of using religion as a publicity stunt.

Despite the criticism, Blac Chyna remains committed to her journey of self-discovery and personal growth. She has stated that she wants to be an inspiration to other women who may be struggling with their identities and encouraged them to embrace their true selves. It remains to be seen what other changes Blac Chyna will make in the future, but one thing is clear: she is determined to chart her own path and live life on her own terms.