WATCH VIDEO , Bobrisky makes shocking confession: ‘I deeply regret losing Tonto Dikeh, my dearest friend

Bobrisky, the Nigerian internet personality and crossdresser, has made a surprising confession about his former best friend, Tonto Dikeh. In a recent interview with Toke Makinwa, Bobrisky expressed regret over the falling out between him and the actress, and revealed how much he misses their friendship.

The two celebrities were once inseparable, and their friendship was the subject of much admiration and fascination among fans. However, in 2019, they had a public falling out, which shocked many of their followers. At the time, both parties traded accusations on social media, and their once close-knit relationship appeared to be irreparable.

But now, two years after the incident, Bobrisky has revealed that he deeply regrets the falling out with Tonto Dikeh, and that he misses her friendship a lot. When asked by Toke Makinwa if there is anyone he has fallen out with that he regrets, Bobrisky replied, “I think Tonto.”

He went on to explain how much he misses their friendship, saying, “I miss it so much. Tonto is like my sister. After we fell out, two or three months, I started missing her because she is always there for me. One of the reasons why I miss the friendship is because before I became so famous, she was the only person that was there. She does not judge, she does not care. She goes all out.”

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Bobrisky also opened up about why their friendship ended, saying that they were both “impatient and hot-tempered people.” He admitted that they both made mistakes, and that they allowed their emotions to get the better of them. However, he emphasized that he still cares about Tonto Dikeh deeply, and that he hopes they can reconcile someday.

The interview with Toke Makinwa provided a rare glimpse into the personal life of Bobrisky, who is known for his flamboyant lifestyle and controversial social media posts. He spoke candidly about his relationships, his career, and his personal struggles, and showed a more vulnerable side of himself.

Bobrisky’s confession has generated a lot of buzz on social media, with fans expressing their support for the crossdresser and hoping that he and Tonto Dikeh can make amends. Only time will tell if the two celebrities can put their differences aside and rebuild their once-strong friendship.