WATCH VIDEO : Nigerian NYSC Corps are Reserved for War in niger republic- Nigerian Army

The Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Brig. Gen. Shuaibu Ibrahim, recently emphasized the significance of corps members in Nigeria’s national defence policy, stating that they can be mobilized for war if the need arises. Speaking on Channels Television’s ‘Sunrise Daily’ program, he addressed the debate surrounding the potential scrapping of the compulsory NYSC scheme, which requires all Nigerian graduates under the age of 30 to participate.

Brig. Gen. Ibrahim underscored that corps members play a crucial role in the country’s national defence strategy. He highlighted that during times of serious conflict, these young men and women possess valuable education and knowledge, making them suitable for training and deployment. The intensive three-week orientation camp experience equips corps members with various skills, including drills and military band training, which contribute to their preparedness for national defence duties.

The NYSC Director-General further emphasized the strategic importance of the scheme, explaining that without the NYSC, mobilizing and training such a large number of young Nigerians rapidly would be a challenging task. The corps members effectively serve as a reserve force, ready to contribute their best efforts to safeguard the nation in times of crisis.

In light of the country’s prevailing security challenges, Brig. Gen. Ibrahim expressed the NYSC’s commitment to the safety of corps members. As a precautionary measure, they have been advised not to travel at night. He stressed that the NYSC has become even more crucial in the face of increasing calls for secession, as it fosters unity and national cohesion among the diverse youth population.

To ensure the safety of corps members during their service year, the Director-General disclosed that he had advised them to refrain from traveling outside their state or the country without obtaining permission from the state coordinator. Additionally, they have been encouraged not to embark on journeys after 6:00 pm, and are welcome to seek accommodation at any corpers’ lodge during their travels.

Brig. Gen. Ibrahim proudly shared how corps members have made significant contributions to education, particularly in Internally Displaced Persons’ (IDP) camps. By engaging in educational activities for children in these camps, the corps members have demonstrated their commitment to national development and social impact.

In response to calls for scrapping the NYSC scheme due to prevailing security concerns, the Director-General argued that the importance of the program outweighs these challenges. He pointed out that a substantial majority, 75 percent, of corps members continue to serve in rural areas across the country, reflecting their dedication to national development and the growth of remote communities.

the Director-General’s remarks underscore the vital role of the National Youth Service Corps in Nigeria’s national defence policy. He highlighted the preparedness of corps members to contribute to the nation’s security in times of crisis, emphasizing their training, knowledge, and dedication. Despite prevailing security challenges, the NYSC remains an essential program for fostering unity, promoting national development, and empowering the youth to be active agents of positive change in Nigeria.