WATCH : Zodwa Libram responds to criticism over dancing without underwear and exposing her bare buttocks during performance

Zodwa Wabantu Libram, a well-known South African dancer, has once again sparked controversy for dancing without underwear and exposing her bare buttocks during a recent performance. The popular entertainer, who is famously referred to as the “pantless dancer,” has been a subject of criticism and debate due to her unconventional approach to dancing and fashion.

In a recent video that circulated on social media, Zodwa can be seen dancing provocatively while scantily clad as an audience of onlookers recorded her with their phones. Following the video’s release, one concerned follower questioned her about her choices and asked how her family, especially her children, would feel about her behavior.

In response, Zodwa showed a lack of concern for the opinions of others, stating that she does not care what people think about her. She also explained that she supports her family and that is all that matters to her.

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This is not the first time that Zodwa has received criticism for her style of dancing and attire. Her daring fashion choices, which often include revealing outfits and no underwear, have sparked debates among fans and critics alike. Despite the backlash, Zodwa has remained unapologetic and has continued to pursue her career as a dancer and performer.

Some argue that Zodwa is a feminist icon who is breaking down societal norms and expectations regarding women’s dress and behavior. Others, however, see her as a controversial figure who promotes indecency and vulgarity.

Regardless of one’s opinion on the matter, it is clear that Zodwa has become a prominent figure in South African entertainment and continues to push boundaries with her provocative performances.