What is the level of safety associated with the “borg” drinking trend?

Despite previous questionable trends such as the hack that removes the taste of alcohol in vodka and tequila, TikTok has recently sparked a new trend that has caught the attention of college students and promotes responsible drinking habits.

NBC News reports that the trend, what’s being called a “borg,” first surfaced around 2020 and found newfound viral fame following the pandemic and the increase in social-distancing.

Short for “blackout rage gallon,” a borg is a personal plastic milk or water jug that’s filled with half water and half vodka (or the spirit of your choice). The concoction is then flavored using Liquid I.V., MiO, or another drink enhancer.

The “borg” trend, also known as “blackout rage gallon,” has gained popularity on social media platforms like TikTok. It consists of a mixture of water, vodka, caffeine, powdered electrolytes, and sometimes flavored seltzers, all added to a one-gallon container.

College students see it as a way to personalize their drinking experience, regulate their alcohol intake, and avoid hangovers. They also believe it is a simple, affordable, and responsible way to prevent their drinks from being spiked at parties.

However, some health experts are challenging the notion that the trend is harmless, due to the high volume of alcohol involved.

Dr. Gus Colangelo, an emergency medicine physician at Tufts Medical Center, said: “In my opinion, this trend is actually more dangerous [than drinking a normal alcoholic drink] because instead of having a cup of alcohol and being told to finish it, you now have a gallon jug. Now, someone is telling you to finish the entire jug.”