Why Was Xie Lian Voice Actor Arrested? What Did He Do And Where Is He Now?

Jiang Guangtao, a well-known voice actor from mainland China, is the voice-over artist behind the main character Xie Lian in the popular Chinese BL novel “Heaven Official’s Blessing” by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. However, he recently made headlines for a different reason altogether – he was arrested in 2022, along with four others whose identities have not been disclosed.

According to ComfyBowl’s translation on Reddit, Jiang Guangtao has been accused of misappropriating $2 million worth of public funds. The studio he was associated with, Houlang Studio, terminated its contract with him after he and three others were accused of committing major crimes in 2021. The studio had reported the case to the public security organ in 2022, and it is currently under review and prosecution.

While more investigation is ongoing, the exact charges against Jiang Guangtao have not been revealed yet. It is suspected that the charges might be related to occupational theft, involving tens of millions of yuan. However, the reason behind his arrest remains undisclosed, and it is unclear if the case is still running.

Jiang Guangtao remains in custody, and the fate of the show’s second season hangs in the balance. Fans of the novel are eagerly awaiting the new season, but it is uncertain if it will be released anytime soon. The arrest of the voice actor has left many wondering if the show will be able to continue without him or if it will be postponed indefinitely.

Amidst all the uncertainty, one thing is for sure – Jiang Guangtao’s arrest has caused quite a stir among the fans of the novel and the voice acting industry. People are hoping that the case will be resolved soon, and the truth behind the allegations against him will come to light.