Wife Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Ordering Hit on Husband to Claim Insurance Money in Mpumalanga

Phumaphi Gloria Gwebu, a 47-year-old woman from Mpumalanga, South Africa, has been sentenced to life in imprisonment by the Mpumalanga High Court for orchestrating the murder of her husband, Sipho Shadrack Dimba, in December 2019. According to court documents, Gwebu had taken out five insurance policies for her husband, one of which was to pay R530,000 ($35,000) upon his death.

Investigators say that Gwebu hired and paid hitmen R20,000 ($1,300) to carry out the hit on her husband, which ultimately led to his death. The motive, according to prosecutors, was to cash in on the insurance policies and receive a large payout.

The murder was carried out on December 5, 2019, and Dimba’s body was found two days later. The couple had been living together with their children until the hit was taken out on Dimba.

Gwebu was arrested and charged with murder in connection with her husband’s death. During her trial, she admitted to taking out the insurance policies and hiring the hitmen, but claimed that she did so under duress from her husband. The court, however, did not find her defense credible and sentenced her to life in prison for her role in the murder.

The case has shocked and saddened many in the community, who knew the couple and their family. It has also highlighted the dangers of greed and the lengths some people will go to in order to cash in on insurance policies. The verdict, however, sends a strong message that such actions will not be tolerated and that those who engage in them will face severe consequences.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dimba’s loved ones during this difficult time, as they come to terms with the tragic loss of a beloved family member. We also extend our support to Gwebu’s family and friends, who are undoubtedly struggling with the aftermath of this devastating event.