Young Tamil Nadu couple’s tragic end ignites suspicion of family involvement

In Tamil Nadu’s Thoothukudi district, a young couple has recently garnered significant attention, sparking curiosity about the circumstances surrounding their tragic deaths. This couple, residing in the district, has become a focal point of discussions on various online platforms, primarily due to their unconventional marriage. The duo, named Kartiga, aged 20, and Mariselvam, her senior by four years, shared a poignant and ultimately tragic love story.

The Thoothukudi district in Tamil Nadu recently bore witness to a heart-wrenching incident, where the lives of a young couple were abruptly cut short a mere three days after their wedding. The couple, who had defied their family’s wishes to solemnize their union, fell victim to a brutal and fatal attack. According to reports, five unidentified assailants forcibly entered their residence around 6:45 p.m. on a fateful Thursday, inflicting grievous injuries with knives.

The love story of Kartiga and Mariselvam had spanned over two years, and despite belonging to the same community, they faced vehement opposition from the bride’s family. Now, in the wake of this tragic double homicide, the family is under suspicion for their alleged involvement in this horrendous act.

In the Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu, the unfolding of this tragic event, just three days after the couple’s wedding, highlights the challenges and complexities that couples may face when they decide to pursue love against familial objections, even within a shared community.