Zakir Naik Arrested In Oman: Where Is Indian Televangelist Now Jail Or Prison?

Zakir Naik, a prominent Islamic preacher and founder of the Islamic Research Foundation and Peace TV, has been a controversial figure in India and beyond. His statements on various topics related to Islam and other religions have sparked heated debates and drawn criticism from many quarters.

Naik does not align with any particular Islamic school of thought, but he is often associated with the Salafi school of thought. Despite his popularity among some sections of the Muslim community, he has also been accused of promoting extremist views and inciting religious intolerance.

Recently, there have been reports suggesting that Indian agencies are working to bring Naik back to India. According to these reports, Indian authorities have been contacting their counterparts in Oman, where Naik is currently believed to be residing, with a view to taking him into custody and deporting him to India.

Naik was ordered to be in Oman on March 23 and 25, and during this period, he was reportedly arrested by the Omani authorities. However, he was later released from custody and is currently free to leave the country before his scheduled appearances at two lectures in Oman in March.

This latest development comes in the context of a long-standing legal case against Naik in India. Naik has been a fugitive from justice since 2016, when he was accused of making inflammatory speeches that allegedly incited religious hatred and inspired terrorist activities.

Indian intelligence agencies have been working to track down Naik and bring him back to India to face trial. The authorities have accused Naik of promoting religious extremism and radicalization, and have linked his teachings to several terrorist incidents in India and elsewhere.

However, Naik has denied all these allegations and maintains that he is a peaceful preacher of Islam who advocates for harmony and understanding between different religions. His supporters also argue that he is being unfairly targeted by the authorities, who are seeking to silence a dissenting voice in the public discourse on religion and society.

The case against Naik has been ongoing for several years, and it remains to be seen whether he will eventually be brought back to India to face trial. Whatever the outcome, the controversy surrounding Naik and his teachings is likely to continue to generate debate and discussion for some time to come.