Elon Musk sparked mental health concerns and locked himself in office for days after being booed at comedy show

Elon Musk’s journey with Twitter, now X, seems to have taken a toll on the tech mogul’s mental well-being, according to writer Ben Mezrich. Mezrich claimed on CNBC that Musk suffered a mental breakdown after being booed at a comedy show, leading to concerns among Twitter employees about his well-being.

The author asserted that Musk, who cares deeply about his reputation, underwent a significant transformation since acquiring Twitter in 2022, stating that “Twitter broke Elon Musk.” The alleged decline in Musk’s mental health is attributed to a series of negative incidents, including the December 2022 comedy show where he was booed.

At Dave Chappelle’s San Francisco show, Musk faced unexpected jeers from the audience. The comedian even joked about some of the people Musk had fired being in the audience. Musk, shocked by the negative reaction, took to Twitter to address the incident, highlighting that it was a first for him to experience such a response in real life.

Mezrich pointed out that this incident marked the beginning of Musk’s reported spiral. Additionally, the author mentioned the distressing event of Musk’s son being attacked by a “crazy stalker” in the same month as the comedy show. An unidentified man allegedly followed Musk’s son in Los Angeles, later revealing himself as an Uber driver named Brandon Collado, who accused Musk of stalking him and his family.

In June, The Wall Street Journal reported that Musk uses Ketamine to treat depression. Musk has been open about his mental health struggles in the past, revealing in 2017 that, in addition to having Asperger’s syndrome, he may also suffer from bipolar disorder. The alleged breakdown and incidents surrounding Musk underscore the challenges he faces in maintaining his mental health amidst his high-profile and demanding roles.