JMPD Takes Swift Action Taxi Driver Shamed into Cleaning Public Urination Off the Road

VIDEO : JMPD Takes Swift Action Taxi Driver Shamed into Cleaning Public Urination Off the Road

Saturday, 27th May witnessed yet another incident where the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) officers took decisive action, compelling a taxi driver to wipe away his urine after he was caught relieving himself in the inner city. The incident occurred at the Jiti Taxi Rank, and it highlights the ongoing efforts of the JMPD to maintain a clean and safe environment.

Showing zero tolerance for such irresponsible behavior, the JMPD officers promptly directed the taxi driver to take responsibility for his actions by cleaning up his own urine. This is part of their broader campaign to combat public urination and maintain cleanliness in public spaces. Last month, the JMPD was actively vigilant in identifying and holding accountable individuals who engaged in such behavior.

The recent incident unfolded near the JMPD Command Post Bus at St Mary’s Cathedral, situated at the intersection of Wanderers and De Villiers Street in the Johannesburg Central Business District (CBD). The offender was caught in the act, and the officers swiftly enforced the necessary corrective measures, ensuring that he mopped up the mess he had created.

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This incident follows a similar occurrence in the previous month when another individual was compelled to clean up their own urine after public urination near St Mary’s Cathedral on Wanderers Street. The JMPD’s proactive approach in enforcing by-laws and teaching individuals about proper hygiene has received praise from many residents. Additionally, their efforts in bringing order to the street vending space, which had become an eyesore in the CBD vicinity, have garnered appreciation.

JMPD Director Jaca recently took to the streets to encourage informal traders operating in the De Villiers area, located between Wanderers and Rissik Streets in the Johannesburg CBD, to maintain cleanliness in their business spaces. Jaca emphasized the importance of keeping the areas occupied by informal traders clean and sanitary as per the requirements of informal trading.

The JMPD’s unwavering commitment to upholding cleanliness and orderliness in Joburg serves as a testament to their dedication in creating a pleasant and hygienic environment for all residents and visitors. Through their proactive enforcement actions and community engagement initiatives, they aim to instill a culture of cleanliness, responsibility, and respect for public spaces.