Davido’s aide, Israel DMW’s marriage crashes as his wife slams him online

In a turn of events that has left many both surprised and intrigued, Israel Afeare and his wife, Sheila, appear to have parted ways in a remarkably short time, just under a year after their wedding in October 2022. This news of their separation, reported to have taken place in September of the same year, has generated considerable buzz and raised numerous questions about the circumstances surrounding their whirlwind romance and its subsequent end.

Their brief marriage journey, which seemed to have held promise and commitment just a short while ago, has now become the subject of public curiosity. The question on many people’s minds is, what could have transpired to lead to this sudden and unexpected breakup? The specific reasons behind their separation have not been disclosed publicly, leaving fans and observers to wonder about the complexities and challenges that might have arisen in their relationship.

In an attempt to quell rumors and provide some clarity, Israel Afeare took to his Instagram Stories over the weekend. He posted a picture of Sheila and referred to her as “my wife.” This seemingly warm gesture appeared to convey a message of reconciliation or perhaps a desire to maintain a connection. However, Sheila’s response was sharp and dismissive, as she wrote, “In your f***ing dreams,” indicating a level of animosity or irreconcilable differences between the two.

The episode serves as a stark reminder that even the most promising and seemingly strong relationships can face unforeseen challenges and ultimately come to an end. It also highlights the influence and scrutiny of social media in today’s world, where public exchanges and revelations can fuel curiosity and speculation among a wide audience. As more details about their separation emerge, it will be interesting to see how this story continues to unfold.