How To Make Fried Rice And Chicken

i am always in the kitchen when my mum prepares this dish yum yum. my favorite food will always remain fried rice, fried chicken and salad. if you serve me this food like this any day henhe infact you have made my day 😂. my love for fried rice has always been top notch, if you are trying to impress me just add fried plantain to it. walahi we will become besties asap. Ok enough gist let’s get right into this recipe.

Ingredients for fried rice and chicken

  • 2 cups of rice
  • half kilo of chicken
  • groundnut oil
  • carrots
  • green peas
  • bell pepper
  • red pepper
  • 2 bulb onion
  • ginger
  • garlic
  • 1 sachet fried rice spice
  • 4 cubes maggi knorr to taste
  • thyme
  • curry
  • salt
  • water

Method of preparation

  • start by washing the rice, put in a clean pot. Add some water into the pot and little salt and small curry powder. Place pot on heat stir it with a spoon leave it and let it boil for 20 min. sieve the rice allow the water to drain. leave it aside and prepare other ingredients. for fried rice recipe
  • wash the carrot, bell pepper, onion, red pepper together then dice them separately into bits and keep aside,. wash the ginger and garlic thoroughly because of sand. grind or mash them well because most people don’t like to see them in food and keep aside.

How to prepare chicken

  • start by washing the chicken thoroughly place in a clean dry pot, add the 2 cube of maggi knorr, add salt. sprinkle the thyme on it and also add in small onion cover the pot place on heat. allow it to simmer for 5 minutes. By doing this the chicken will produce its own juice and it will soften quickly.
  • proceed by adding in some water into the pot of chicken and allow it to soften. once it softens, bring it down from heat and keep aside. place a clean dry pot on fire, pour in the groundnut oil, add in salt and 1cube of maggi. stir it add in the onion stir and allow it to fry for 1min. Add in the green pea, bell pepper, red pepper, ginger and garlic. mix everything
  • Next add in that amazing fried rice spice for some color, add in curry powder and thyme. i know the aroma of your kitchen must have filled the whole place. Pour in that juicy chicken stock water from the cooked chicken) and stir it. Then leave it to boil once it starts boiling go ahead and pour in the parboiled rice that we did first. mix everything very well taste for salt, add in little water cover the pot and allow it to cook
  • lastly Check if its ready then bring the pot down from heat. fry your chicken in a pan of hot oil and your delicious fried rice and fried chicken is ready to be served.

In conclusion to how to make fried rice;

  • you can decide to prepare the chicken first, so you can make use of the oil in preparing your fried rice this gives it more taste.
  • Avoid too much water so the fired rice does not get too soft also avoid over salt fried rice doesn’t like too much salt.
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