How To Make African Salad (Abacha recipe)

Making african salad (abacha) is not as difficult as it seems. In this post you will learn how to make african salad (abacha). I bet you, you will love it yes you 😃


African salad (Abacha)

Palm oil


Fresh pepper



How To Make African Salad (Abacha recipe)

Wash and soak Abacha in hot water and keep aside. Get a pot pour in the red oil, add the potash into it. Use a spoon mix both together until the color of the oil changes.

Place oil on fire pour in the onion and pepper fry for some time. Bring it down from head add, pour the African salad 🥗 through a strainer. Allow the water to drip.

At this point the oil would be cold pour in the African salad and mix all ingredients properly. Add in the salt to taste. Your delicious Abacha (African salad) is ready to be served.

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