How To Make Egg Sauce With Tomato Paste

Egg sauce is one particular meal i like to prepare. i like to eat it with my oily fried plantain. Although. i mainly use fresh tomatoes but in this recipe i used sachet tomatoes. In this recipe i will show you how i made my egg sauce with tomato paste. Fresh tomatoes gives it fresh taste and makes it very tasty. Sachet tomatoes makes it taste more like stew for white rice. keep reading to know how i made my egg sauce with tomato paste

Ingredients for egg sauce using tomato paste

  • 4 large eggs
  • 2 sachet tomato paste
  • groundnut oil
  • 2 big onion
  • Fresh pepper (quantity as desired)
  • crayfish adds more taste to egg sauce with tomato paste
  • 1 Sachet curry powder
  • salt to taste 1tsp
  • water vey necessary
  • maggi for additional taste

preparation for tomato paste egg sauce

  • Start by washing the necessary ingredients like fresh pepper, onion, crayfish. continue by blending crayfish in a blender and also fresh pepper. next dice the onion i will like my onion sliced as long as possible. Because i get overwhelmed when i see it in my meal lol 😁
  • secondly wash egg and break in a bowl whisk all egg properly. Add in little salt whisk again and step aside. Place a clean dry pan on low heat, pour in the groundnut oil, add in the curry. Also maggi and any other spice of your choice. Be careful let it not be too much, i trust you will love the smell of your kitchen at this stage.
  • Thirdly by adding in the diced onion fry it a bit then. Add the sachet tomatoes into the hot oil and mix them up. well ensure to fry the sachet tomatoes properly so its sour taste could reduce.
  • Next introduce the egg into the pan and pour it in slowly uhmm so yummm ah 😂 i play a lot when cooking don’t be distracted please
  • fourthly in all the eggs use your spoon and turn it gently however don’t over. turn so you don’t end up scattering the egg just do it gently. Pour in a little water so as to increase fritz into it don’t over add. leave it to cook for 3 min then remove from heat at this point, your egg sauce with tomato paste is ready


You can serve with fried plantain like i will or serve with fried yam or potatoes. Most importantly just do you i have done mine and is very delicious. 😋
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In Addition

This recipe on how to make egg sauce with tomato paste is such a fast, quick and easy recipe. check out my white rice and stew recipe, you should love it.

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